Tannya Roumimper

Rising Star

Tannya Roumimper joined Hammer in 2018 and has quickly asserted herself as a rising star.

She is from Indonesia, where she has been a member of Team Indonesia since 2005. She is no stranger to the medal podium, having earned multiple gold, silver and bronze medals in events around the world. In addition to her medal count, she is the 2009 Indonesia International Open champion, 2010 Thailand International Open champion and the 2015 H.H. Emir Cup champion.

When not bowling, Tannya enjoys travelling, watching movies and swimming.

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Tannya Roumimper Upswing.


To be successful, a person needs a Mentor, Coach, Cheerleader, and Family, Hammer gives me just that. The brand believes in who I am, and I will continue to be a proud member of this amazing group of people. That's why I chose HAMMER!