Statement Solid

Make a Statement!

Because sometimes, winning just isn't enough!


Aggression Solid CFI creates more traction than any coverstock Hammer currently offers. Combined with a 500/2000 sanded finish, you can expect extreme traction in heavy oil and great continuation downlane and through the pins.


The Statement core is a very low RG, high differential, strong asymmetric core designed to rev up in the heaviest of oils. Its intricate design has the majority of the mass located at the bottom of the core which will help this core retain as much energy as possible. 

Hammer recommends Tough Scrub to keep your Statement Solid Performing its best!


  • COLOR Purple/Black/White
  • REACTION Aggressive Midlane & Backend
  • COVERSTOCK Aggression Solid CFI
  • FACTORY FINISH 500/2000 Abralon
  • BEST LANE CONDITION Medium to Heavy Oil
  • CORE Statement
  • CORE TYPE Asymmetric
  • MASS BIAS .015


  • #16LB RG (2.48) Diff (.051)
  • #15LB RG (2.47) Diff (.054)
  • #14LB RG (2.49) Diff (.053)
  • #13LB RG (2.56) Diff (.030)
  • #12LB RG (2.63) Diff (.025)


Statement Solid
Statement Solid
Statement Solid
Statement Solid

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Travis k
Love this ball.

I got this ball from my dad after he only used it for 1 game . I threw it in demo day when it was released and it to me would be strong like an asymmetric core ball but when it turns to the pocket and it rolls end over end like a symmetric ball does. I am able to stay in my comfort zone 15-25 with my feet and 1 to 5 with my eyes at the breakpoint and stay there a whole game while with other asymmetric core balls I can't stay in that zone maybe 5 frames max . The league I bowl in is with burned up oil and we come in while the league before mine is finishing up their 3 rd game so no re oil and this ball works awesome on the burn for me.

Still A Valuable Tool For Me

The Statement Solid was my main first ball out of the bag. up until Mid February when I decided I wanted something similar to the Statement Solid, but drilled a little bit more aggressively See my (Redemption Solid) review.

Anyway I Still love my Statement Solid maybe because I have it drilled a little differently then my Redemption Solid

I found I was able to switch to this at least on my cross lane spare shots when the pattern started to break down, and I couldn't control the hook on my Redemption anymore. Or when I need play way inside.

This is just a guess due to Covid-19 I haven't bowled since 3-13-20. Hence Why I am on here now writing Reviews for all my Hammer balls at least the ones still in service.

Anyway my gut tells me my Statement solid will still be the first ball out of the bag in my Standard house league on Monday nights once we all are allowed to return to bowling. Love my Redemption Solid on a sport shot On Fridays, but its too much ball for my house league.

My Statement on the other hand still works on the sport shots at the right time, and at least at the the Start of the night in my Monday night standard house league in a different center will stay out of the bag longer then the Redemption.

If they both Fail well see my (Black widow Urethane) review.

Joe Kehnast
Destroys pins!

Love my Hammer Statement! I bowled in a league as a kid and never scored a 200. I decided to get back into bowling after going out with family for a open bowling evening. I knew I had to get new equipment and tried a mid-level ball. I started to get pretty decent but knew I had to upgrade after just one season. I researched this ball and went with it. Wow, what an amazing investment. I have rolled several 200+ games and exceeded over 230 twice in just 2 months owning it (high 246 and have just a 177 avg). It's so amazing I hit the RIGHT of the 4 pin on 3 occasions and somehow I came away with strikes. I guess that has to do with the pin action it gets. If you get this ball use the cleaner Hammer recommends immediately after your game and it will continue to perform. I think failing to clean is the mistake many make and then they give the ball a bad name saying it doesn't hook after "x" amount of games. Take care of this ball and it will take care of you! I hope my comment helps you if you are doing your own research. I just love this ball. :-)

Deric Gainer
Nothing hits like a Hammer!!!

The Statement Solid is strong and gets to the pocket quick! I can miss my mark my at least boards and it will get back. Anyone who bowls, needs this ball in their bag!

Tom Gooley Jr.
Loves Heavy Oil

Can you say BIG Ball!!! If you need a ball to conquer a heavier oil condition, this is it! The surprising thing about this ball for me was how much this ball moves on the back end. I put a little polish on it and was even able to use it on my medium oil house shot for league. Great hook monster for heavier oil and very good on medium oil with a surface change.