Bill O'Neill Wins FloBowling PBA ATX Invite

Hammer's Bill O'Neill took home a $25,000 paycheck Saturday, September 21 after winning the FloBowling PBA ATX Invite in Austin, Texas.

O'Neill defeated Jason Sterner for the title.


Bill O’Neill’s dream season just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

In the midst of the best season of his career at age 37, O’Neill won the FloBowling PBA ATX Invite on Saturday at Dart Bowl by defeating Jason Sterner, 2-0.

O’Neill, an 11-time winner on the PBA Tour, was never really challenged in the best-of-three championship match, sweeping his way to the win by scores of 257-176 and 237-215. Although the event did not count as a PBA Tour title, O’Neill did earn $25,000 for the victory.

WATCH: FloBowling PBA ATX Invite

“When you get here, it means you accomplished something,” O’Neill said. “You’re with the best of the best and it always feels good to win anything, especially with seven other great bowlers.”

O’Neill’s ball reaction was unmatched throughout the day on the 45-foot Dick Weber lane pattern, and he said he figured out early on what the secret to success would be.

“I figured out really early in the match against Anthony that I had to keep my angles tighter,” said O’Neill, who defeated Anthony Simonsen 248-207 in the opening round of the bracket. “I couldn’t throw it too far to the right. I had the perfect ball, and I was just rolling it really well. I was trying to keep my hand up the back of it to keep it from breaking loose down the lane and hooking too hard.”



O’Neill, who defeated Kyle Sherman 280-212 in the semifinals, has now earned $177,148.33 in prize money so far this season, the most he’s ever earned in a single season. He’s also won two PBA Tour titles in 2019, including the PBA Hall of Fame Classic and the PBA Chesapeake Open.

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  • Ron Price

    When your national staffers do well in a tournament it would be great to know what bowling balls they used most for that lane condition😀

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