Shannon O'Keefe Wins PWBA Tour Championship

Hammer's Shannon O'Keefe delivered an anniversary present to her husband, Bryan, Wednesday night in Richmond, Virginia by claiming the 2019 PWBA Tour Championship title.

O'Keefe defeated Dasha Kovalova 268-179. The win marks her second PWBA Tour Championship and third major, as well as being her fifth victory of the 2019 campaign.

O'Keefe used a Rhodman Pearl in the title match.


  • Michael Morrison

    Shannon, it has truly been a blessing watching you grow as a professional bowler. To see and witness the grind and hard work that you’ve endured is truly gratifying. I love the way you give back through your coaching and inspiring young people to be the next great professional. The things that you and your Husband have brought to this sport of professional bowling is simply amazing. Keep up the great work, and know that your light is always shining bright. Love you, and much success. God Bless.


    That ball is a beast.What makes that ball so good Shannon!

  • Edwin Duncan

    Congratulations Shannon!! Wish I could’ve watched, but the channel is not available on our package.

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