Raw Hammer - Blue / Silver / White


RAW Power and Performance!

We’re Hammer, and we’re not going to do things like everyone else, thus, the Raw Hammer series. The difference with these balls is, we took performance and being unique into account. This series was created to enhance a Hammerhead’s bag and gives newer bowlers performance options with their first Hammer purchase.


  • PART NUMBER 60-106524-93X
  • COLOR Blue / Silver / White
  • CORE Raw Hammer
  • CORE TYPE Symmetric
  • COVERSTOCK Juiced Pearl
  • COVER TYPE Pearl Reactive
  • FINISH 500, 1000, 2000 Siaair / Crown Factory Polish
  • WEIGHTS 16-10 Pounds
  • LANE CONDITION Light to medium oil
  • REACTION Skid / Flip
  • WARRANTY Two years from purchase date
  • RELEASE DATE May 20, 2021


  • 16 lb - RG (2.543) DIFF (0.033)
  • 15 lb - RG (2.537) DIFF (0.038)
  • 14 lb - RG (2.554) DIFF (0.038)
  • 13 lb - RG (2.585) DIFF (0.040)
  • 12 lb - RG (2.608) DIFF (0.040)
  • 11 lb - RG (2.769) DIFF (0.002)
  • 10 lb - RG (2.800) DIFF (0.002)


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    Raw Hammer Blue / Silver / White bowling ball
    Raw Hammer 16-14 lb Core
    Raw Hammer 13-12 lb Core
    Raw Hammer 11-10 lb Core
    Raw Hammer Blue / Silver / White performance badge

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Raw series bowling balls

    I got a raw series ball and it was amazing before I got the ball I bowled 175 at the highest now I bowl 250-300 every game I got raw series and it was so good i bet 1000 dollars I would beat my friend and he lost but the next he got one hands down best ball ever recommend to everyone

    Kyle Misura
    Great begginer

    I started bowling about a year ago, went into my local pro shop, and asked what ball to get. They recommended the Raw Hammer. After throwing it I found its great for a house shot. I throw a 14 LB ball at around 14 MPH with moderate rotation. I would recommend this to any beginner.

    Kyle Misura
    New Bowler

    I have the Hammer Raw in the blue/white/silver pearl. This is my first ball and I love it. I threw a 12 lb alley ball and got my hammer in a 14 and it was a very comfortable switch. I have great control and throw 16-18 MPH and get decent hook with little rotation. I would highly recommend for beginners such as myself.

    Joe Zokal
    Dry lanes beware!

    Raw Hammer Pearl

    At this price point and you can build an entire arsenal off of this line. The Raw Pearl comes in two great colors purple/pink/silver or blue/silver/white This ball gives you great length and backend when lanes are drying up and still has great hitting power. Its a great addition to any tournament bag as lanes start drying up.

    Ball Weight: 15 lbs

    Dual Angle: 70 x 4 1/2 x 35


    Rev Rate: 440-460
    Ball Speed: 17-18 mph
    PAP/Track: 4 3/8 over" over and 3/8" up

    Grit: Box Finish

    Joe Zokal
    Hammer Regional Staff

    Juan Fonseca
    Performance and Beauty

    I also drilled the Raw Pearl as the same as the Raw Solid. During a comparison and using the same approach line up and targeting as the Raw Solid (which was striking), the Pearl clipped the head pin and destroyed the 3 pin. Moving 3/3 right and closing my angles (straighter) the ball struck. It’s very clean and the move on the back is a bit sharper, but I wouldn’t call it a skid/flip motion. This ball will be a great switch when lanes transition and friction grows. With the Raw line available in lower weights, a number of bowlers can easily use the Raw Hammer line. Ask about them at your favorite retailer.