Bad Ass


Spheroid Core: The Spheroid core has many of the dynamic properties found in some of the most successful core shapes in the history of bowling. Arguably, the most successful shape in history was used in the original Blue Hammer. This design was the founding premise behind our new Spheroid shape. The large spheroid was dynamically engineered with large grooves strategically placed along four quadrants on the perimeter in order to lower the RG, while maintaining a medium to high differential for ideal ball reaction. The Spheroid maximizes the friction enhancing properties of the all-new Juiced Solid cover. As always with Hammer, we’ve poured the Spheroid core with Flex-Resin and the outer core with Carbon Fiber in order to create the hardest hitting and most durable ball possible. We back this claim with an industry best three-year warranty.

Juiced Solid: Leaps in coverstock technology only happen every so many years. Juiced Solid represents one of those leaps. The all-new Juiced Solid creates unmatched friction at the breakpoint, which is what bowlers of all styles crave. Juiced Solid allows the Bad Ass to maintain its reaction shape for a longer period of time compared to traditional reactive covers. This is possible due to the high friction values of Juiced Solid. Even when polished, this cover offers an extremely high RA value, which is crucial in creating bad ass motion at the breakpoint.

Finish:With a high friction cover like Juiced, a lot of surface isn’t needed in order to make the ball perform with a little bit of oil on the lane. The Bad Ass has a polished finish, but still maintains a higher RA than most shiny balls, creating perfect traction and usability across the widest range of conditions. 


  • COLOR Black / Orange
  • REACTION Skid Flip
  • COVERSTOCK Juiced Solid
  • FACTORY FINISH 500, 2000 Abralon and Factory Polish at 300 RPM
  • CORE Spheroid
  • CORE TYPE Symmetrical
  • AVAILABLE WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs.


  • #12 RG (2.63) Diff (.025)
  • #13 RG (2.56) Diff (.030)
  • #14 RG (2.52) Diff (.047)
  • #15 RG (2.48) Diff (.048)
  • #16 RG (2.49) Diff (.042)
    Bad Ass Bowling Ball
    Bad Ass

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Larry L
    Hammer Bad Ass

    Just recently saw the NU Blue Hammer and noticed the color name…….”Bad Ass Blue”. This reminded me of the Bad Ass bowling ball. Damn…..I wish Hammer would bring back the Bad Ass…..that was one great hard hitting ball!!

    Larry D. Clark
    Hammer Bad ASS 300

    This ball Hammer needs to bring back, with its skid flip ball motion. It has great mid lane read and comes off the spot with a change of direction. I shot my second 300 with this ball on 01-04-2022 at Metro 24 in Jackson Mississippi on lanes 7-8, my team mates stated The Equalizer is at it again shooting another 300. My first 300 game was at Fannin Lanes shortly after its release. I rolled a team mates ball and liked the ball motion from front to back and consequently purchased it . It's a retired ball now, but it's still a Bad ASS ball. I have the following balls Hammer Flawless, Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane, Hammer Obsession, Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl, Hammer Black Widow Pink, Hammer Obsession Tour, Hammer Black Widow2.0. Hopefully I'll get some 300 games with them. The Equalizer

    Jeremy Miller
    The Bad Ass is a BADASS

    I just had mine baked and resurfaced then put new finger tip inserts and just like that a old ball is made like new. Cost 30 bucks and this is one hard hitting rocks I ever owned so why not freshen it up. This ball has always carried good pin action. What can I say? "sometimes its better to be lucky than good" I recently paired it up with the infamous and the purple pink silver pearl raw. Both great balls the infamous hits harder and hooks harder than the badass but not a lot. I polished my infamous to 1500 and it helped it a lot to get down the lane before it turns. the raw still hits hard like a hammer is expected but much less aggressive. It is a real good ball to transition to when the others are hitting higher in the pocket. They do make quite the 3 ball arsenal. I highly recommend all 3. Next I am adding a purple urethane ball for shorter drier patterns. I have always had good luck with hammers not cracking on me so I intend to keep using them as long as they are good to me.

    Ann Fitch
    Yes it is a Bad Ass!

    Have had this ball for 5 years and still keep it in my lineup. And yes it IS a Bad Ass ball.....of course it's a Hammer so I never worried about it being anything less. Oh and never forget... NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John Wos

    I still use mine after 4 years. Bowled a personal high game of 279. Yes, this ball is BAD ASS !!!!!