Black Widow Gold

The Gold Standard Hammer's Black Widow Gold

We’ve taken our most angular coverstock and combined it with our most angular core to give you motion where you want to see it the most, the backend. If you miss out on this one, it’s going to come back to bite you! 

With Hammer’s patent-pending carbon fiber outer core, this Black Widow carries Hammer’s three-year warranty. 


  • COLOR Gold
  • REACTION Length with Strong Backend
  • COVERSTOCK Semtex Pearl
  • FACTORY FINISH 500/1000 Abralon TM Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
  • BEST LANE CONDITION Medium to Heavy Oil
  • CORE Gas Mask
  • CORE TYPE Asymmetrical
  • MASS BIAS 0.016


    • #16 RG (2.51) Diff (0.048)
    • #15 RG (2.50) Diff (0.058)
    • #14 RG (2.50) Diff (0.056)
    • #13 RG (2.56) Diff (0.030)
    • #12 RG (2.63) Diff (0.025)
    Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball
    Black Widow Gold
    Black Widow Gold
    Black Widow Gold

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Jessica Hicks
    Game Saver

    This ball has bailed me out of tough situations, it reads nicely and turns on a dime even on the burn, in some cases it needs a little more surface but this ball is a definite monster.

    Ray lee
    First reactive ball

    This was my first reactive ball. I still love and feel like I have more control of. I now have several bowling balls most of them are hammer. Had to try a few. When the pressure is on to bowl my best I always reach my hammer gold. Got to get that strike or that old 10 pin I call for my gold hammer. Thank you for it.

    Woo hoo!

    Just bowled a perfect game the other night in league with the Black Widow Gold. Every shot was a no-brainer. Love this ball


    Got the ball for Christmas. Love my wife. Bowled my 2nd 300 on 2/21. The Gold is awesome. Does exactly what I wanted it do to. Average has raised from 221 to 227 since the Gold replaced the Red Legend as my go to. Been a Black Widow fan since the first one, and a Hammer fan since the 3D Blue Maxx, so I might be biased.

    Chris Monroy
    Widow Gold

    The new Gold Widow features the ever popular Gas Mask core manufactured in the carbon fiber process. Thus, like all Hammers, this ball carries with it a 3 year Warranty. Semtex Pearl is the coverstock material used for the Gold Widow. For comparison of the Gold Widow, I used a similarly drilled Black Taboo. They both have one of my favorite layouts for a Gas Mask core ball. The layout is 45 x 6 x 35 with weight hole on the PAP.
    Compared to a Black Taboo, the Gold Widow is definitely more angular. At box surface for the THS and Modified THS, I found a bit of over/under and sensitivity to transition. However, once I dusted the ball with a worn 2000 pad, the Gold Widow responded better. I found a little earlier pick-up in the midlane but definitely a more consistent, defined ball motion with less sensitivity to any midlane transition. On Badger, I was able to make it work with a “more aggressive” 2000 surface (used a newer pad) and keeping my angles very closed. Personally, the Gas Mask core balls have always matched up very well for my game and I have been always able to achieve many different shapes/ball motions with Gas Mask Cores. I believe the Black Widow Gold will offer similar variety depending on layout.
    I would say the Gold Widow is best suited for medium volume patterns with a variety of distances. Like with most Gas Mask core balls, many styles of play will find success with this ball. In the past, I have used Gas Mask core balls on many different pattern distances.