Black Widow Urethane Original

In the 1980’s, Hammer was known as “Faball Enterprises” and was the industry leader in urethane technology and performance. Over the past few years, we have gone back to our roots and brought back the Black and Purple Pearl Urethane. Hammer is excited to bring this same trusted urethane formula to the Black Widow line and wrap it around our most iconic core. This combination will give you more overall hook than traditional urethane while maintaining the predictability that a urethane coverstock provides.


  • COLOR Black
  • REACTION Strong Mid-lane
  • COVERSTOCK Urethane
  • FACTORY FINISH 360/500/500 Abralon
  • CORE Gas Mask
  • CORE TYPE Asymmetric
  • MASS BIAS 0.016


  • #16LB RG (2.51) Diff (0.048)
  • #15LB RG (2.50) Diff (0.058)
  • #14LB RG (2.50) Diff (0.056)
  • #13LB RG (2.58) Diff (0.048)
  • #12LB RG (2.65) Diff (0.045)


Black Widow Urethane Original
Black Widow Urethane Original
Black Widow Urethane Original

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Best urethane

this is the only urethane bowling ball i ever hit a 300 with

Still Carry AT Least One Of These In My Bad Regularly

I actually have two of these. One pin up one pin down.

When I first purchased them I want to say 2017 I was really impressed with how hard they hit compared to my older urethane ball.

As I started bowling on more sport patterns I started using more Reactive Hammer balls. I still carry at least one of my Widow Urethane balls with me most of the time.

I have a relatively slow ball speed so I find for me sometimes they will hook too much if there is not at least some oil, but now about 2 and half years after buying the first of 2 of these balls. Even if they are no longer the first ball out of the bag most of the time anymore. They are still part of my arsenal. I still use them both depending on what pattern I am on and which center. So I don't plan on ever getting rid of them anytime soon if ever. Unless they are damaged. But the shell is pretty durable so I don't see that happening.

Michael Romero
The Power of Urethane

The Hammer Black Widow Urethane has the hit power of your reactive resin bowling ball! The Gas Mask Core allows some versatility with this bowling with the high flare potential. It has great midlane read and the hook a bowler is looking for! In my opinion, this ball is ideal for bowlers with high ball speeds where the Purple and Black Urethane does not have a stronger backend motion. However, this ball is still very clean and continous, what you expect from a urethane ball and a great compliment to the Purple Urethane. 

Scott Bicking
Love this ball!

Have not bowled since 2012, had an older amf ball that I had a 195 average with, but this year has been tough getting back into it. I've had a 173 this year. In the 2 weeks I've had the black widow urethane I bowled a 593 out of the box and then a 639 the 2nd week. Love the back end on this ball and it blows the pins up as it hits in the pocket. It is forgiving as well with the pin action it gets. Highly recommend!

I am back!!!

I took a break from bowling for about 20 years, my highest game was a 279 with the FAB so many years ago. Well I am back and I still love Hammer. I started back with the Black & Gold, but something was missing. When I saw the Black Widow Urethane, it took me back to those days with my FAB. Boy was I wrong! I broke out the BW Urethane and WOW! Did this ball destroy the pins. I have bowled 6 games with this ball, I have a 279 already, and I am averaging 207, when I was only averaging 175 with my other balls.

Thank you Hammer for bringing some of my youth back