58-806101-0XX - Black / Orange - Right Hand
58-808101-0XX - Black / Orange - Right Hand Wide
58-807101-0XX - Black / Orange - Left Hand

Men's Sizes  8-12, 13, 14

  • Formed non-marking PU outsole with TPU toe
  • Comfortable EVA insole
  • Stylish athletic-looking mesh upper 
  • Designed for comfort, requiring minimal break-in
  • Available in Right Hand, Left Hand, and Right Hand Wide

 Included in the box:

#6 Slide Sole
#8 Slide Sole (on the shoe)
#10 Slide Sole
Traditional Heel (on the shoe)
Grooved heel
Smooth Leather heel
Shoe cover
Accessory Bag

Hammer Diesel Shoe Pair facing right.
Hammer Diesel Shoe Pair facing left.
Hammer Diesel Shoe inside left.
Hammer Diesel Shoe inside right.
Hammer Diesel Shoe outside right.
Hammer Diesel Shoe outside left.
Hammer Diesel Shoes toes.
Hammer Diesel Shoes backs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brian Garland
Solid build and comfortable

Great pair of shoes for the money. They come with all the added heals and soles saving you money over the competition. Great value and excellent look. Hammerheads will love the color. Great work by Hammer. If you need a new pair and prefer the ability to adjust your slide you have found your next shoe.

C Miller
The best I've owned!

Needed a new pair of shoes and decided on the Hammer Diesel shoe. Found them to be comfortable, lightweight , good looking, and comes with an accessory bag that has extra heels and soles. No break in time needed. They were ready to go with the first ball. I normally wear size 10.5 , but ordered an 11 since I always change the insole for additional comfort. The 11 was spot on.
I would have no problem on ordering another shoe by Hammer!

Craig Hohn
Hammer Diesel Shoes

I was in need of bowling shoes. As a brand ambassador, we were encouraged to try Hammer brand shoes. I was looking for shoes with more cost-effective interchangeable soles and heels than the other brand and a classic look with a little flash. I landed on the Hammer Diesel shoes, as I had black shoes already that I used orange shoelaces on. My biggest concerns were performance, comfort, price, and durability. My old shoes were Dexter 9's and only lasted 2 years before coming apart, and I went through 6 soles and 2 heels. I had to buy replacements immediately as they did not come with the ones I needed. I have used the Diesel for ½ year and they are more comfortable. I have not had to change the soles or heels yet, as they come with enough options to find the right slide combo. I purchased one extra sole and heel at the same time I bought the shoes, thinking I would burn through them, but that was not the case. This still was cheaper than the new Other Brand before buying soles and heels. These shoes checked off all the boxes, comfort, durability, price, and performance.

Phil Cloyne
Really comfortable shoes

I bought these shoe on a whim over the Brunswick Fury's, because I am on regional staff for Hammer, and want to tell you these shoes are the most comfortable bowling shoes I have ever owned. They are built to last, and the looks of them let you know they are from Hammer. After a couple of frames they were broke in. Thank you Hammer for making such great equipment.

Ronald Howard Davis Jr.

Hammer Diesel Bowling Shoes – Various Lane approaches

I have had many bowling shoes. Etonic, 3G, First gen hammer bowling shoes, Dexter’s. The Hammer Diesel bowling shoes come in wide which is the first thing I love. I feel like I need the space in bowling shoes. I don’t want my feet feeling tight and uncomfortable while I am bowling and walking around after bowling. I love a bowling shoe I can keep on after I finish bowling and not rush to pry them off gasping for feet comfort and air. If I could compare the Hammer Diesel, it would be to the old box looking Dexter’s. I am not saying you will never fall off a shot like those bowling shoes helped you feel. The inside comfort is more what I am getting at. I am not sure if this solely because of the wide but if it is those are a winner in my book. The non-slide foot is NOT interchangeable that might be a deal breaker for some people. The slide foot comes with the old-style sole and heel (no heel “teeth” like the older hammer shoes). They are easy to change both sole and heel well as easy as any other shoe that has the velcro, possibly a little tug of war but that let’s you know it’s strong.