58-803101-0XX - Black / Green - Right Hand
58-804101-0XX - Black / Green - Right Hand Wide
58-805101-0XX - Black / Green - Left Hand

Mens Sizes 8-12, 13, 14

  • Formed non-marking rubber outsole
  • Soft, supportive memory foam footbed
  • Designed for comfort, requiring minimal break in
  • Carbon shank for added support
  • Durable microfiber upper
  • Available in right hand, right hand wide, and left hand

Included in the box:

  • Grooved heel
  • Smooth leather heel
  • Traditional heel (on the shoe)
  • #6 Slide sole (on the shoe)
  • #8 Slide sole
  • #10 Slide sole
  • Heel remover tool
  • Shoe cover
  • Accessory bag
Fierce Shoes 3 quarter view facing right.
Fierce Right Shoe outside view.
Fierce Right Shoe inside view.
Fierce Shoes heels.
Fierce Shoes top down view.
Fierce Shoes Soles view.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Black shoes are green

I'm very happy these shoes are green/color changing. These are so much better than black. Green in most lighting and a little purple on the edges. Good job Hammer!

The included extras make this a grand slam. $100 can't get you 3x soles and 3x heels from that "other" brand... here you get the whole package. (Unfortunately, two of the heels are rubber and will not slide at all.)

Jackson Richard

found on sale for $137 and needed new shoes and the shoe is really comfortable to wear and look amazing. The slides and heels come off nicely and have decent out of box options.Saved me at Junior Gold

Javier M
Honest Review

I would first like to say that these are my first "real" pair of bowling shoes. I didn't know what to expect when they arrived. I would like to first address the color of the shoes. They are indeed a dark green, which allows them to give off a full black color. The color wasn't an issue for me, but I thought I would let you all know. Secondly, I would like to address the comfort and maneuverability of the shoes. They are indeed comfortable and I have had no issue with them so far. In terms of maneuverability, they are great. Changing slide pads/heels are not a hassle whatsoever. I look forward to bowling a ton of more games in these shoes.

Nick Ganiron
Black shoes are green.

Look at it person and not online. Hammer shoulder mention the shoe they are calling Black, has It written on the box as a Black shoe and shows pictures of a Black shoe, is GREEN.