Purple Solid Reactive

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More Flare!

The Purple Solid Reactive is an exciting and unique ball, just as the Purple Pearl Urethane ball is. The Purple Pearl Urethane ball sells because it performs, and there’s nothing like it in bowling; the Purple Solid Reactive will be successful for the same reason. The Purple Solid Reactive started as an experiment to see how a strong reactive shell would perform around the high RG and low differential LED core, and the results were remarkable. The core is the exact same as the urethane model; however, the numbers are different due to the density of the reactive shell versus the urethane; this raises the differential and creates more flare, producing a stronger and more angular backend motion. The Purple Solid Reactive will be useful for bowlers who find urethane too weak when others are scoring with it, and higher rev players will love it across a wide range of conditions.  


  • PART NUMBER 60-106851-93X
  • COLOR Purple
  • COVERSTOCK Reactive Solid
  • COVER TYPE Solid Reactive
  • FINISH 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
  • WEIGHTS 16-12 Pounds
  • LANE CONDITION Medium to light oil
  • REACTION Length with strong arc
  • WARRANTY Two years from purchase date
  • RELEASE DATE November 18, 2022


  • 16 lb - RG (2.541) DIFF (0.035)
  • 15 lb - RG (2.586) DIFF (0.027)
  • 14 lb - RG (2.605) DIFF (0.026)
  • 13 lb - RG (2.598) DIFF (0.025)
  • 12 lb - RG (2.592) DIFF (0.031)


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    Purple Solid Reactive
    Purple Solid Reactive
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Great Compliment To Urethane Purple Hammer

    The Reactive Purple Hammer provides a great compliment to the Purple Urethane Hammer. As the lane begins to transition and smooth out, this ball allows you to stay in a similar part of the lane with a slight change in reaction. As expected, the reactive purple is cleaner and provides more pop downlane than the traditional Purple Hammer. With surface, this ball provides a solid option for low-rev players who may not be able to create the same motion with urethane as higher-rev players.

    Todd Allred
    Purple Reactive

    What an amazing compliment to the purple urethane. When my urethane is too early I switch to the reactive and it’s smooth sailing and I mean SMOOTH. But unlike some of my other smooth pieces, the reactive still goes through the pins with authority. I can see this ball being a staple for high rev players or those of us that like to get up against the dry.

    Mike Romero
    Purple Solid Reactive

    The Hammer Purple Reactive has a very predictable ball motion that certainly gets through the oil very well. I have found this ball to be very useful on challenge/sport shots. It does very well in reading the lane and not over reactive off the friction. I drilled my Purple Reactive pin down and is still responds well off the friction. If drilled pin-up, I feel this could be a good benchmark ball for tournament play.

    Scott Crawford
    Very Predictable Motion

    The Hammer Purple Reactive gives me a predictable ball motion. I get a urethane type shape but a little stronger and with a little more forgiveness on misses that I don’t get from urethane. I use this sometimes on house shots and it really excels on shorter sport patterns where a ton of guys are throwing urethane. I have an above average rev rate but not up there with the 2 handers, so this allows me to play the same area of the lane as I would with urethane but I can stay in this ball longer and it doesn’t react as poorly when they start to transition. Bonus, it still hits like a Purple Hammer since it’s a 2-piece ball. I went with 60 x 4.5 x 40 for my layout for a benchmark type shape.

    Yvette Ford
    This Purple Solid Reactive Gets It!

    The Hammer Purple Solid Reactive is a great ball that gets through the oil and is smooth and not over reactive off the dry. This ball for me is a Solid piece and can be used on a sport pattern or a typical house shot because it blends the lanes out very well. This ball is predictive and helps to keep my angles under control. Definitely a step up and great compliment to the Purple Urethane and helps to keep your shot line in tact. A Great Ball to keep in your bag and not a bad Bench mark piece.