Raw Hammer - Orange / Black

RAW Power and Performance!

We’re Hammer, and we’re not going to do things like everyone else, thus, the Raw Hammer series. The difference with these balls is, we took performance and being unique into account. This series was created to enhance a Hammerhead’s bag and gives newer bowlers performance options with their first Hammer purchase.


  • PART NUMBER 60-106522-93X
  • COLOR Orange / Black
  • CORE Raw Hammer
  • CORE TYPE Symmetric
  • COVERSTOCK Juiced Hybrid
  • COVER TYPE Hybrid Reactive
  • FINISH 500, 1000, 2000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
  • WEIGHTS 16-10 Pounds
  • LANE CONDITION Light to medium oil
  • REACTION Length with strong back end
  • WARRANTY Two years from purchase date
  • RELEASE DATE May 20, 2021


  • 16 lb - RG (2.543) DIFF (0.033)
  • 15 lb - RG (2.537) DIFF (0.038)
  • 14 lb - RG (2.554) DIFF (0.038)
  • 13 lb - RG (2.585) DIFF (0.040)
  • 12 lb - RG (2.608) DIFF (0.040)
  • 11 lb - RG (2.769) DIFF (0.002)
  • 10 lb - RG (2.800) DIFF (0.002)


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    Raw Hammer Orange / Black bowling ball
    Raw Hammer 16-14 lb Core
    Raw Hammer 13-12 lb Core
    Raw Hammer 11-10 lb Core
    Raw Hammer Orange / Black performance badge

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Joe G
    Great for late in the block

    The raw hammer is exactly what I needed for the later games when I needed to get the ball down the lane. It allows me to stay in the same general area and not have to get too deep and lose the pocket. The perfect low reactive ball for longer blocks.

    Hammer Raw Hybrid Orange/Black

    I haven’t had a finger tip ball in years. I had my Hammer Raw drilled that way. The 4th time I used it I figured out how to roll it. I was rolling it the way Norm Duke rolls his ball. In three games I had a 534 series with a high game of 212. I went on the third arrow and when it struck it was strong. I went with less speed like Norm does and it went well. I would highly recommend them, matter of fact someone a few lanes over noticed my score and ask me about the ball. Of course, I said the Hammer Ram Hybrid is a great started ball and a good one for your arsenal. As I build my arsenal I will definitely keep this one in it.

    David L

    Hammer Raw Hybrid

    I have used my Hammer Raw Hybrid 4 times. The 4th time I ended up bowling a 212. After watching different videos online, I discovered that slowing the ball speed did wonders and when it struck it the rack was shredded. I tried the same angle that if anyone watches Norm Duke roll his ball it worked well. I am getting better with my spares as well with this ball. I purchased the Raw Hammer and fitted as a finger tip ball. I would highly recommend this ball.

    David L

    Hell of a rock

    715 out of the box. Stupid good. Pushed and hooked.

    Christian Day
    Spare ball

    I roll 2 handed and I have been switching this from my main ball to my spare ball, and by looking at how it does I think that it is better to be a spare ball than a main ball, but overall it is a really good ball.