Blue Vibe

That’s right Hammer fans, you’re reading correctly. The iconic Vibe line is back and with it comes the crowd favorites. Blue Vibe will bring length, predictability, and versatility to your arsenal at an unbeatable price.

Updated with Hammer’s patent-pending carbon fiber outer core, this Vibe carries Hammer’s three-year warranty.


  • COLOR Blue
  • REACTION Length w/ Controlled Backend
  • COVERSTOCK CT Reactive Plus
  • FACTORY FINISH 500/2000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
  • BEST LANE CONDITION Medium to Light Oil
  • CORE Vibe
  • CORE TYPE Symmetric
  • MASS BIAS None (Symmetric)


  • #16 RG (2.51) Diff (0.039)
  • #15 RG (2.51) Diff (0.042)
  • #14 RG (2.51) Diff (0.045)
  • #13 RG (2.56) Diff (0.030)
  • #12 RG (2.63) Diff (0.025)
  • #11 RG (2.69) Diff (0.020)
  • #10 RG (2.75) Diff (0.017)
Blue Vibe
Blue Vibe
Blue Vibe
Blue Vibe

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brian Chambers
Reminds of another

This Blue Vibe is just like the Midnight vibe I
had years ago. It holds the lanes well and it's breaking point is always predictable, once I find my line to the pocket it strike constantly. I Love This BALL!!!!!

Cody Lampp
Stuck in the Middle with you

For me the Blue vibe picks up sooner and smoother then the red and black . Black has more on the backend but goes slightly longer then the blue. Red is longer and more angular then both . Overall strength for me though is Onyx then the Blue and then Cherry Vibe . Cannot go wrong with either

Ken Schneider
Blue Vibe

The Blue Vibe is the longer of the three Vibes. Very clean and nice smooth backend. If you like playing up the board in a tournament or house shot this is a great ball to have in your bag. When the outside begins t breakdown just move a few boards left and its a whole new shot again. Cant wrong with this one

James Kasee

The original Vibe line were the balls that made me fall with Hammer so I'm a little biased. This ball is amazing! It gives great length and is smooth off the breakpoint. It's an amazing ball at an incredible price!

Matt Uhlig
Nice and smooth

I have been wanting to get a new Vibe ever since I became a staff member with Hammer a little over 4 years ago, and now I can! I am very excited about the new blue Vibe. I drilled mine with the pin under my middle finger to give me a smooth backend, while it still has good length. Its almost like throwing a urethane ball honestly, but that's exactly what I wanted from it. I'll be able to get out of any type of condition by going straight up the 5 board with this piece.