Cherry Vibe

That’s right Hammer fans, you’re reading correctly. The iconic Vibe line is back and with it comes the crowd favorites. Cherry Vibe will bring length and angularity to your arsenal at an unbeatable price.

Updated with Hammer’s patent-pending carbon fiber outer core, this Vibe carries Hammer’s three-year warranty.


  • COLOR Cherry Red
  • REACTION Length w/ Angular Backend
  • COVERSTOCK CT Reactive
  • FACTORY FINISH 500/2000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
  • BEST LANE CONDITION Medium to Light Oil
  • CORE Vibe
  • CORE TYPE Symmetric
  • MASS BIAS None (Symmetric)


  • #16 RG (2.51) Diff (0.039)
  • #15 RG (2.51) Diff (0.042)
  • #14 RG (2.51) Diff (0.045)
  • #13 RG (2.56) Diff (0.030)
  • #12 RG (2.63) Diff (0.025)
  • #11 RG (2.69) Diff (0.020)
  • #10 RG (2.75) Diff (0.017)

Cherry Vibe
Cherry Vibe
Cherry Vibe
Cherry Vibe

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Goldilocks Ball

I'm a high rev bowler. I've learned the Vibe is a goldilocks ball and loves medium oil conditions. While you can use the Vibe on dry or wet lanes, it really shines in medium oil. Wet lanes I see more skidding and I end up with more splits. Once the lanes dry up I tend to get more Brooklyn's. But in the 2nd game, when the oil is just right, the Vibe starts nailing the pocket. Even in the other lane conditions, the Vibe is controllable. With adjustments to my angles and release I can still get the reaction out of the ball I want. Since its so predictable I tend to use this ball a lot. If you had to have 1 ball to do it all, the Vibe isnt a bad option. It's also a great starter ball if you plan on expanding your collection to meet other lane conditions since is so middle of the road. That's the route I took. I built up my quiver starting with this ball and it's been great. Because of its predictable goldilocks nature I throw this ball in opening practice. I'll instantly know what the lane condition are and make changes as needed. It's a great ball and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

Simon Tremblay
Cherry vibe

The perfect ball for light volume or high friction surfaces. Great length and predictable backend. It always comes in handy on burned conditions!

Ben Trueg
This ball is a steal

This ball is a must have when the lanes start to break down. It is a steal at it's price point and delivers a nice smooth reaction down lane.. This is my go to when the lanes start to transition but can also be used as a start of the night ball as well.

Kevin Gmach
Cherry Vibe

New Cherry Vibe provides just what I remember from the classic Vibe collection. Easy length with a controllable backend. Now with the Carbon Fiber Infused cover to add better pin carry and durability.

Drew Knudson
maximum entry angle for drier lanes.

Have you ever wished you could get something to flip on the backend, even if the front of the lane is a three-alarm fire? Here ya go! Perfect choice for deep inside angles, and releases that have more forward roll. I always take this longer pattern tournaments too, if I know there's less volume.